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Our Services

Here at City Fitness Repairs, we provide set-up, maintenance, and repair services for fitness equipment in both residential and commercial environments. Whether you have just purchased new equipment and would like help setting it up, or are wanting to keep your equipment running smoothly and in top condition, or have noisy or broken equipment, our technicians are well-equipped to take care of your needs.

Call to inquire and set up an appointment, and we will arrange to send a technician out to your location.

Please call: 604-720-6188

Residential Services

Our residential services include the following:

New Machine Installation and Setup:

For when you need help setting up your newly purchased machines. Our technicians will take care of the troublesome setup for your new equipment, and make sure that it is safe and ready for your use.

Preparations for Moving:

Treadmills can be too large to get around the corners of your home. We can disassemble your machine and pack it down into smaller organized parts so that your movers can safely get it out of the home and to its new location. Need help setting it up after the move? We can help with that, too.


Broken or noisy treadmill or other machine? If your machine is making loud squeaks, creaks, rattles, or other noises, it’s time to have it checked out. Some parts may be dry or worn and will need lubrication or replacement. Or maybe your machine is broken; if it is not turning on or responding, or if there is physical breakage, our technicians can diagnose the issue and let you know what is wrong. We will either let you know what is wrong and what is needed for larger issues, or just take care of it for some small ones.


Treadmills and ellipticals have ongoing maintenance requirements just like a car does, there are parts that need periodic cleaning, tightening, and lubrication to keep it from prematurely wearing out and causing issues. Give us a call and our technicians can help you keep your equipment running smoothly, or have a look at our Taking Care of your Machine section for small things that you can do yourself.

Commercial Services

Our commercial services mirror our residential offerings, in addition we offer periodic maintenance plans to help keep your equipment running in high volume conditions. Please call to inquire with your specific requirements.

Please Call: 604-720-6188